Color Change Film – Wrap A Car

Polyvinyl Chloride Film (HYBRID PET) Special flexible film that can be installed to the car body which has the curves or ridge feature of the car. It can be used to change the color of the car as needed. We have more than 100 colors that even use with all flat surface stuff such as motorcycle, boat, aircraft, flat surface equipment and also can be decorated to change some part of the house, building, furniture as well. The film is durable for weather-resistant and sunlight. It is easily to maintain, do not leave glue stains when peeling off and do not ruin the original color of the car.

New innovation for changing car's color and all kinds of flat surfaces.

PolyvinylChloride Film (HYBRID PET) can change your car’s color and all kinds of flat surfaces. WRAP A CAR shop proudly present the high quality and installation of HYBRID PET film by our professional team with after sales service that you must impress and to be relieved about the original color quality after installed film. Moreover, the HYBRID PET film can also protect the original color from small scratches by branches, stones, water stains till asphalts as well.

WRAP A CAR is willing to serve color change film installment by our professional team.

WRAP A CAR shop is a full wrap film service center with the innovation of film (sticker) in present. We have various films for you and respond the customer needed such as HYBRID PET film, PPF film, Printing film service, Windshield protection film and car window tinting. Therefore, WRAP A CAR shop is aimed to develop in installations, and material selection with high standard quality and to be recognized worldwide for using our service.

Our Services

  • We guarantee our installation along validity (peeling, swelling, blister, air bubble) except ripped accident
  • Free peeling
  • Our installment covers all nooks and crannies inside the door
  • We use computer for cutting instead of on the car body